If you have a question, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below to see if the answer is here. Answers to common questions about licenses, payment process, refunds and customer support can be found on the page Common Questions.

Q. Will this plugin work on my WordPress.COM website?

A. Sorry, this plugin is available for use only on self-hosted (WordPress.ORG) websites.

Q. Can I use this plugin on my language?

A. Yes. This plugin is ready for translation and has already been translated into several languages. But If your language is not available then you can make one. The POT file is included and placed in the “languages” folder. Just send the PO file to us at the [email protected] and we will include this translation within the next plugin update. Many of plugin users would be delighted if you share your translation with the community. Thanks for your contribution!

Q. How does it work?

A. Simply go to the plugin settings page, place your PHP code in the field, switch the toggle to the “ON” position and click the “Save changes” button. Enjoy the result of applying your PHP code. It’s that simple!

You can find the plugin settings page at “WordPress Admin Area” -> “Settings” -> “PHP Inserter PRO”.

Q. Can I use HTML/CSS/JS code integrated in PHP code?

A. Yes. But you need to do it properly, like this:

function NameOfYourFunction {

    echo "<script>
		// Your JS code


Q. How much of PHP code (characters) I can enter in the text field?

A. We don’t limit the number of characters.

Q. On the plugin settings page, an error message appears. What could be wrong?

A. Here are a few of the most likely causes of the error message:

  1. You make a syntax error in the code that you have entered. Check the syntax of your code and try again.
  2. You entered two functions with the same name. Use a unique names for your functions.
  3. You have entered function with a name that is already occupied by another function. Use a unique name for your function.
  4. You are trying to overwrite an existing function (of WordPress, theme, or plugin). Instead, use filters and hooks.

Q. Does this plugin requires any modification of the theme?

A. Absolutely not. This plugin is configurable entirely from the plugin settings page that you can find in the Admin Area of your WordPress website.

Q. Does this require any knowledge of HTML or CSS?

A. This plugin can be configured with no knowledge of HTML or CSS, using an easy-to-use plugin settings page. But you need to know the HTML or CSS in order to add/remove/modify the HTML or CSS code by using this plugin.

Q. It’s not working. What could be wrong?

A. As with every plugin, it’s possible that things don’t work. The most common reason for this is a web browser’s cache. Every web browser stores a cache of the websites you visit (pages, images, and etc.) to reduce bandwidth usage and server load. This is called the browser’s cache.​ Clearing your browser’s cache may solve the problem.

It’s impossible to tell what could be wrong exactly, but if you post a support request in the plugin’s support forum on WordPress.org, we’d be happy to give it a look and try to help out. Please include as much information as possible, including a link to your website where the problem can be seen.

Q. What to do if this plugin crashed the website?

A. This plugin has a built-in functions for checking the custom code for syntax errors, duplicate functions names, and etc. But plugin is not perfect, so there are times when the entered custom code causes the error and white screen (WSOD). This is due to the fact that your custom code has a syntax error that this plugin could not detect. When this happens with you just do the following and all will be fine.

  1. Via FTP, go to the plugin folder (in ‘wp-content/plugins/my-custom-functions-pro/’).
  2. Rename the “START” file to “STOP”. This will stop the execution of your custom code.
  3. Return to the plugin settings page and edit/fix your custom code that you entered before the crash.
  4. Rename the “STOP” file to “START” and you’re done!

This plugin stored you entered code in the database of your website. For getting your code, you also can go to the Database -> Table “wp_options” -> Option “MCFunctionsPRO” -> “option_value”.

Q. The last WordPress update is preventing me from editing my website that is using this plugin. Why is this?

A. This plugin can not cause such problem. More likely, the problem are related to the settings of the website. It could just be a cache, so please try to clear your website’s cache (may be you using a caching plugin, or some web service such as the CloudFlare) and then the cache of your web browser. Also please try to re-login to the website, this too can help.

Q. Where to report bug if found?

A. Bug reports are very welcome! Please visit our contact page and report. Thank you!

Q. Where to share any ideas or suggestions to make the plugin better?

A. Any suggestions are very welcome! Please visit our contact page and share. Thank you!

Q. I love this plugin! Can I help somehow?

A. Yes, any contributions are very welcome! Please visit our donation page. Thank you!