The theme is actively maintained, we work hard to improve the code and add new functionality.

1.7 (2018.06.09)

  • The number of available fonts from the Google Fonts online library is increased from 732 to 847. The font ‘Sansita One’ is renamed to ‘Sansita’. The fonts ‘Rubik One’ and ‘Ek Mukta’ are deleted.
  • The font names in the list of Google Fonts are made more human-readable.

1.6 (2018.06.08)

  • Improved the loading of user selected fonts from the Google Fonts online library.
  • The arrays used in the file ‘customizer.php’ are moved to a separate file ‘customizer-arrays.php’.
  • Added a new option in Customizer - “Post titles font”.
  • Added a new option in Customizer - “Post titles font size”.
  • Added a new option in Customizer - “Post titles color”.
  • Added a new option in Customizer - “Post titles position”.
  • Options in the Customizer are sorted.

1.5 (2018.05.25)

  • Fixed bug: “NOTICE: wp-content/themes/simple-notepad-arthur/functions.php:166 - Use of undefined constant SPACEXCHIMP_T000_TEXTDOMAIN’”.
  • The constant “SPACEXCHIMP_T000_TEXT” is deleted, and each mention is replaced with the string “simple-notepad-arthur”.
  • Added a new Customizer option which allows the user to disable the loading of “Google Fonts” from external servers in order to make the theme a GDPR compliant.
  • Loading the font “Indie Flower” (from the Google Fonts online library) moved from the file “header.php” to “customizer.php”.
  • All translation files are updated.

1.4 (2018.05.07)

  • Added auto-versioning of the CSS and JavaScript files to avoid cache issues.
  • Added function for generating the theme constants.

1.3 (2018.04.26)

  • Added Simplified Chinese translation. (Thanks to Weiquan Bao)
  • Some texts updated, and typos corrected.
  • All translation files updated.
  • The README.txt file is divided into two separate files; README.txt and CHANGELOG.txt.
  • The README.txt file is improved.
  • The human.txt file added.
  • The information about the author of the theme (including name, links, copyright, etc.) was changed.

1.2 (2018.02.18)

  • Improved loading of scripts and styles.
  • Theme link changed to new.
  • Text-domain error fixed.
  • Mobile version issue fixed.
  • The ‘font-awesome-4.7.0’ catalog renamed to ‘font-awesome.
  • The ‘font-awesome.min.css’ file renamed to ‘font-awesome.css’.
  • Fixed the name of the locale for Afrikaans.
  • Fixed the name of the locale for Catalan.
  • Fixed the name of the locale for Estonian.
  • Fixed the name of the locale for Ukrainian.
  • Images that used on the Theme Info page moved to separate folder named “theme_info”.
  • Constant prefixes changed to SPACEXCHIMP_T000_.
  • Added JS file “frontend.js” for use on the frontend pages of website.
  • Code in the style.css and admin.css files optimized.
  • Copyright text in footer updated.
  • Translation files updated.
  • Theme preview image replaced with new one.

1.1 (2017.02.28)

  • WooCommerce support added. The ‘woocommerce.php’ file added.
  • My Unicode signature added to the ‘functions.php’ file.
  • The ‘screenshot.png’ file updated.
  • Some images better optimized for web purposes. Now theme is more lightweight.
  • Theme page improved.
  • Some functions moved from the theme_info.php file to the functions.php file.
  • The ‘theme_info.css’ file moved to ‘inc’ catalog.
  • The ‘admin.css’ file moved to ‘inc’ catalog.
  • The Scroll-to-Top button improved.
  • The ‘scroll-to-top.png’ image removed.
  • The ‘html5.js’ file updated to version 3.7.3.
  • The ‘html5.js’ file renamed to ‘html5shiv.min.js’.
  • The ‘anarcho_add_ie_html5_shim’ function renamed to ‘anarcho_add_ie_html5_shiv’.
  • Grammar mistake in the “You’re currently reading” fixed.

1.0 (2017.01.04)

  • Initial release.

0.1 (2016.01.01)

  • Alfa version.