The theme is actively maintained, we work hard to improve the code and add new functionality.

1.2 (2018.02.18)

  • Improved loading of scripts and styles.
  • Theme link changed to new.
  • Text-domain error fixed.
  • Mobile version issue fixed.
  • The ‘font-awesome-4.7.0’ catalog renamed to ‘font-awesome.
  • The ‘font-awesome.min.css’ file renamed to ‘font-awesome.css’.
  • Fixed the name of the locale for Afrikaans.
  • Fixed the name of the locale for Catalan.
  • Fixed the name of the locale for Estonian.
  • Fixed the name of the locale for Ukrainian.
  • Images that used on the Theme Info page moved to separate folder named “theme_info”.
  • Constant prefixes changed to SPACEXCHIMP_T000_.
  • Added JS file “frontend.js” for use on the frontend pages of website.
  • Code in the style.css and admin.css files optimized.
  • Copyright text in footer updated.
  • Translation files updated.
  • Theme preview image replaced with new one.

1.1 (2017.02.28)

  • WooCommerce support added. The ‘woocommerce.php’ file added.
  • My Unicode signature added to the ‘functions.php’ file.
  • The ‘screenshot.png’ file updated.
  • Some images better optimized for web purposes. Now theme is more lightweight.
  • Theme page improved.
  • Some functions moved from the theme_info.php file to the functions.php file.
  • The ‘theme_info.css’ file moved to ‘inc’ catalog.
  • The ‘admin.css’ file moved to ‘inc’ catalog.
  • The Scroll-to-Top button improved.
  • The ‘scroll-to-top.png’ image removed.
  • The ‘html5.js’ file updated to version 3.7.3.
  • The ‘html5.js’ file renamed to ‘html5shiv.min.js’.
  • The ‘anarcho_add_ie_html5_shim’ function renamed to ‘anarcho_add_ie_html5_shiv’.
  • Grammar mistake in the “You’re currently reading” fixed.

1.0 (2017.01.04)

  • Initial release.

0.1 (2016.01.01)

  • Alfa version.